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The Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Commercial Cleaner for Your Sound Stage

When you’re unfamiliar with what the process entails, cleaning a full sound stage on your own can get time-consuming. You might unintentionally damage equipment in the process, too. Instead of handling it alone, consider hiring a commercial cleaner.

There are over 1,106,000 businesses in the janitorial services industry, though. Not all teams have sound stage cleaning experience.

The right cleaning company will understand the proper methods involved. They’ll ensure your sound stage is spotless by the time they’re done.

Not sure who to hire? Here are a few tips that can help you find a professional cleaner. Find an experienced cleaning company you can trust with these tips today.

Gather Recommendations

Remember, there are over 1,106,000 professional cleaning companies across the US. You can streamline your search by relying on your professional network.

Ask other businesses in your industry if they’ve hired a commercial cleaner in the past. If they have, ask about their experience. For example, you might consider asking:

  • Was the team experienced
  • Did they arrive on time
  • Were they thorough
  • Did you encounter any issues
  • How much did it cost
  • What services do they offer

Build a list of professional cleaning companies to vet further.

If the client encountered problems after hiring the cleaning company, ask how those problems were resolved. Look for a company that strives to offer the best customer service.

If you’re unable to gather personal recommendations, start searching for professional cleaning companies online instead.

Look for Experience

Once you have a list of professional cleaning companies to choose from, learn more about each company’s history. First, determine when the company was established. Try to find a company that has years of experience serving local businesses.

Teams with years of hands-on experience know how to offer their clients top-notch services.

They’re less likely to encounter operational issues that can impact your customer service, too. These businesses have outlasted competition in the local market as well. Chances are, they’re doing something right.

Determine how many sound stage clients the cleaning company has helped, too.

Find a team that has relevant experience. Their prior experience with sound stage cleaning will benefit your business. Otherwise, they might make costly mistakes while cleaning your sound stage.

A team with relevant experience will know how to clean your equipment and workspace with care. They’ll understand the right products to use for different surfaces and materials, too. These teams are more likely to ensure you receive the services you need.

Read Online Reviews

Take the time to learn from the business owners who were once in your shoes. Look for client reviews for each commercial cleaning company on your list. Start by visiting their Google Business and BBB profiles.

Check Yelp as well.

As you read reviews for each business, look for complaints that tend to repeat.

For example, some clients might complain the company didn’t arrive on time. Perhaps the company didn’t do a thorough job.

If you see complaints that repeat between different clients, you’re likely to experience those same problems, too.

Did the commercial cleaner respond to the negative comments they received? Make sure they tried to fix the problem by offering a solution. For example, perhaps they offered the client a free cleaning.

Find a professional cleaning company that has a strong reputation among their clients. You can feel confident choosing a cleaning company other businesses have trusted in the past.

Check Their Credentials

Before choosing a commercial cleaning company, make sure they have the proper credentials.

First, make sure the company is licensed to work on commercial properties. Ask if they have worker’s compensation and general liability insurance, too.

General liability insurance will protect your interests if the company damages your sound stage or equipment. Worker’s compensation will protect your business if someone is injured while cleaning your sound stage.

Determine if the company has won any awards for their services over the years as well. Find out if they have affiliations with professional organizations, too.

These companies strive to improve their reputation and meet higher standards for their customers.

Review Their Services

Think about the sound stage cleaning services you’ll need. Make sure the company you choose offers services that align with your goals.

For example, the company might offer carpet cleaning, power washing, and day porter services.

Ask the company if they have a process in place for cleaning sound stages, too.

For example, they should know which equipment shouldn’t come in contact with water or sprays. Certain materials will require special care as well.

Ask the company how they intend on meeting set industry cleanliness and hygiene standards, too.

If their services fail to meet your needs and expectations, remove that company from your list.

Consider Their Supplies

What supplies or special tools will the commercial cleaning company use while working on your sound stage?

Over 50% of people experience reactions to one or more allergens. Determine if the company uses a HEPA vacuum. These vacuums are more effective at picking up small particles that can trigger allergies.

Ask About Guarantees

Ask each company for a copy of their contract. Determine if they offer any guarantees. Otherwise, what happens if you’re not satisfied with the services you receive?

The best commercial cleaner will return to make sure their services meet your standards.

Gather Quotes

Request a quote from more than one professional cleaner on your list. Get an itemized list of their services, too. Then, compare your options.

Schedule a Trial Run

Pick one of the companies from your list and schedule a trial run. Then, determine if their sound stage cleaning services meet your expectations.

If not, move on to the next company on your list.

Squeaky Services: Hire a Commercial Cleaner for Your Sound Stage Today

Make sure your sound stage looks spotless this year! Find a commercial cleaner you can trust using these simple tips. Then, schedule routine cleaning services to keep your sound stage looking its best.

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