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7 Signs Your Office Floors Need to Be Waxed

Have you ever looked at the floors of your office building and realized just how dirty they look? Even running a mop over them doesn’t seem to clean them to their once shiny state. Your floors need more help than just a simple cleaning can provide.

Your office floors could benefit from good commercial floor waxing. You need a professional to come in and restore them to their typical shine. This is what your busy business needs to boost the morale around the office.

Are you still not convinced to call in a company? Let’s go over a couple of the key signs you might be missing when it comes to the floors in your office. Here are just a couple of indicators you should listen to.

1. Lost Their Luster

That typical cleaning of running a mop over your office flooring isn’t getting your floors clean anymore. All too often they look just as dull as before you washed them. This may be because your floors need a deep cleaning treatment that you can’t provide for them.

Your office floors need professional-grade products to restore them. THose common products don’t work half as well as what the professionals use. If your flooring doesn’t seem to shine anymore, it’s time to call in a company that knows how to handle them.

2. Floors Need Sanitization Too

Over the past few years, we’ve learned just how important it is to keep a clean and sanitized area. Your flooring is no exception to this. Your floors need to be properly cleaned too.

To have a clean office, having your flooring washed, waxed, and polished just makes sense. Your flooring can pick up all types of dust and grime from what gets tracked in on the bottom of shoes.

If you drop an item on an unclean floor and have to pick it up, those germs are automatically spread to your hands. Keeping those floors clean reduces the spread of particles and germs.

3. Harsh Weather Can Deteriorate Floors

That salt from warding off snow can do more damage than you might have realized. Every time the elements are tracked inside your building it does a number on your flooring. Over time, your floors begin to deteriorate.

Floor deterioration can be prevented with waxed floors. Professional floor waxing can lock in a layer of protection on your floors. This will prevent any further damage from taking place.

Over a single season, floors can see enough damage to need replacement. This would be an even bigger expense for your business to have to replace all of your floorings. A good wax is a much better alternative.

4. Representation of Your Business

How clean your floors are can be a representation of your business. Many incoming clients take in the whole picture of an office. They may judge your flooring without actually meaning to.

By hiring commercial cleaning for your office, your clients and workers are always greeted with a clean image. Your floors show that you care about upkeep and you want your building to look inviting. This gives your office a welcoming appeal.

Your first impression is an important one. Make sure to make the best impression on both your clients and your workers. Show that you care about not only the business but their well-being.

5. Boosts Good Morale

You want everyone in your building to start their days with positive attitudes. Why not give them the reason to do so. When you put in the effort with your building your clients and workers can tell.

Commercial floor waxing is a small way to show that you care about your business. It’s a great way to both protect your business and give everyone a comfortable surrounding. Do what you can to boost the morale of your company.

6. Tracks of Dirt Can Be Seen

Your floors are not supposed to have a dirty hue to them. Is your flooring is constantly showing track marks? If your floors simply never look clean anymore then it’s time for a cleaning.

Clients and workers don’t want to have to constantly make sure they aren’t tracking dirt from one space to another. Keeping your floors clean prevents this. It allows you to easily sweep up the remnants of mud and dust that accumulate.

7. Been Months Since the Last Clean

If you can’t remember the last time your floors were cleaned this is a problem. It’s time to put effort into the general upkeep of your building. Keeping up with your floors is one way to do this.

You can’t escape cleaning your floors by putting in carpets either. Carpers require just as much upkeep as your other floorings do. Luckily, there is also help if your office building has interior carpets as well.

Hiring a commercial cleaner to come in and handle your floors is an easy way to take care of your business. If it’s been months then it’s been too long. Your floors need protection that only a professional can provide.

Keep Those Office Floors Shining

Those office floors need as much TLC as your computers and your clients. Put them as one of your priorities and have them cleaned just as you would your office. A good wax will protect your floors through even the difficult season changes.

If you’re ready to discuss your options on floor cleaning, we’re waiting to take your call. Contact us to get your estimate. We’re the professionals you’ve been looking for to bring those floors back to their shiny state.