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How Often Should You Have Commercial Carpet Cleaning Completed?

A dirty carpet poses many health risks. A proper commercial carpet cleaning schedule will protect you from these risks.

A dirty carpet in your office can damage your business’ reputation. It will also turn your customers off and subject you to financial losses. Commercial carpet cleaning improves the workers’ performance and productivity. You will also gain more customers.

Do you know how often you should clean your commercial carpet? Keep reading to learn more on the subject.

Spots And Stains

Spots and stains are common in many commercial carpets. They deteriorate the carpets’ aesthetic appeal.

The spots and stains increase with time deteriorating the commercial space’s beauty.

You don’t want your customers to see you as a lazy and careless person. Spot cleaning should be done often.

Contact a commercial carpet cleaner as soon as you start seeing the spots. An expert will treat the spots quickly, enhancing your space’s appeal.

You will not have to buy commercial carpet cleaning equipment (spot extractor) for the work.

High Foot Traffic

The number of people stepping on your commercial carpet on a daily basis will determine your cleaning schedule.

Regular commercial carpet cleaning is essential for offices receiving high foot traffic. You should have your commercial carpet cleaned once per week.

Cleaning commercial carpets receiving high foot traffic often has some benefits.

For one, you will prevent dirt and debris accumulation. Because of this, you will create a healthy working environment.

Excess dirt will damage your carpet’s fibers. A good cleaning schedule will prevent your commercial carpet from wearing out.

You need the best commercial carpet cleaner in this case. With a good commercial carpet cleaner, you will save time and enjoy peace of mind.

Vacuum Cleaning

Vacuuming is a common method for cleaning commercial carpets. It has several advantages.

It can keep your commercial carpet free from dust. This prevents allergies and breathing problems.

It is also a cost-effective method. You can have your commercial carpets vacuumed three to four times a week without spending too much.

For areas with high foot traffic, vacuuming should be done every day.

DIY carpet vacuuming will waste your time. You will be unable to carry out your other business operations conveniently.

A good commercial carpet cleaner is necessary in this case. An expert will vacuum your carpets thoroughly and quickly.

Preventative Cleaning

Preventative cleaning is an intensive cleaning method for commercial carpets. It is necessary for removing stubborn dirt and debris.

The foot traffic in commercial spaces determines the preventative cleaning schedule.

If your office receives high foot traffic, you can have preventative cleanings done 3-4 times a month. Preventative cleanings can be done once a month in commercial areas with low traffic.

This cleaning method can extend your commercial carpet’s lifespan. It will also make vacuuming and other lighter cleaning methods easy. Basically, it makes carpet maintenance easier.

Preventative cleaning is quite costly and challenging. You must hire the best commercial carpet cleaner to get the best services.

Consider the cleaner’s experience. An experienced commercial carpet cleaner is competent and will do the work thoroughly.

The cleaner should also have the right commercial carpet cleaning machines. Some carpet cleaning machines to consider are carpet extractors, bonnet cleaners, and vacuum cleaners.

At Bluwolf Janitorial, we provide quality commercial carpet cleaning for your preventative cleaning.

Carpet’s Color

Commercial carpets come in varying colors. There are things to consider when choosing the color of your commercial carpet.

One of them is your office’s style. Of course, the color should blend with your office’s style.

The other factor is cleaning. Your commercial carpet’s color will determine its cleaning frequency.

For commercial carpets with solid shades, regular cleaning might not be necessary. Dark and brown colors hide dirt and spots. For this reason, cleaning dark/brown commercial carpets once per two weeks is necessary.

For bright-colored commercial carpets, cleaning should be more frequent. Here, cleaning can be done 2-3 times a week. This will prevent even the minor stains and spots from becoming visible.

Type Of Your Commercial Space

The type of your commercial space will also determine how often you clean your carpet. Not all commercial spaces require frequent carpet cleaning.

Carpets in offices can be cleaned two to three times every six months depending on the traffic.

Frequent carpet cleaning is necessary for commercial spaces like restaurants, retails, schools, and medical facilities. These commercial spaces receive higher foot traffic than many office buildings. Here, deep carpet cleaning should be done every month.

Allergic Workers

Frequent carpet cleaning is necessary if some of your workers are allergic. Daily vacuuming, in this case, is very important.

Allergic workers can show different symptoms of carpet allergies. Carpet allergies cause other health issues like asthma.

Cleaning your commercial carpets will prevent absenteeism due to sicknesses. It will also motivate such workers to do their best for your company’s growth.

Hiring commercial carpet cleaners will protect your workers from allergies. The right cleaners will also use toxic-free cleaning materials.

Weather Issues

The weather can also determine how often you clean your commercial carpets. Rainy and winter seasons, for instance, can cause moisture buildup in your office.

Moisture on your office’s floors will cause mold and mildew growths under the carpet. Here, frequent carpet cleaning is important.

Office Pets

Office pets cause dander and other dirt in commercial spaces.
For commercial spaces with pets, carpet cleaning should be done every week.

This is crucial for keeping both the workers and the pets safe from allergies.

Consider Commercial Carpet Cleaning Today

Commercial carpet cleaning is crucial for your business growth and success. It will protect your workers and keep them motivated.

Sometimes, you may not know when to have your commercial carpet cleaned. With this information, you will not delay calling a commercial carpet cleaner.

Do you need commercial carpet cleaning services? At Bluwolf Janitorial, we guarantee you complete and total satisfaction.

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