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Many janitorial services show up, vacuum, and consider their job done. Not us. Here at Bluwolf Janitorial, we treat your carpets like our own. Your customers will hold your business to the highest standard, and we plan to beat all expectations. By keeping your carpets fresh, clean and stain-free, you can raise the bar of cleanliness and make sure anyone who visits your commercial property has a pleasant experience. We guarantee your complete satisfaction; that’s the Bluwolf standard. Servicing LA County & San Fernando Valley.

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We Go Above And Beyond

Here at Bluwolf, we pride ourselves at going above and beyond all expectations. If there is a way to remove that unsightly stain or smelly odor, we will find it and get the job done right. Your carpet will be scrubbed and shampooed with the best ingredients; without drowning it in water that can cause moisture and mildew to build up. Through over fifty years of professional training and practice in the field, our service staff is truly battle tested and ready for action.

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Keep Your Carpets Safe

You owe it to your clients to keep their health and well-being in mind. When carpets begin to deteriorate, many health problems can arise. Once a carpet is embedded with dirt, mold, mildew or other hazardous contaminants, they can no longer be effectively cleaned to their original state.

These contaminants can put your staff and customers’ health at risk; not to mention the safety issues if the moisture causes the carpets to buckle. Once this happens, your carpets will have uneven bumps that can cause people to easily trip and fall. This is a dangerous situation to put your guests and clients in; and you owe it to them to make sure your carpets are safe to walk on.

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Our attention to detail and satisfaction-guarantee is unparalleled. Experience a new level of clean.

Cleaner Floors & Restrooms

Our attention to detail and cleanliness means the dirtiest areas are always the cleanest.

Cleaner Offices & Common Areas

Feeling comfortable in a clean, organized space is important to everyone. We make sure clients and guests always feel welcome on your property.

Fully Licensed, Insured & Bonded

Our team is always fully vetted and carries all the necessary insurance, licenses and bonded policies to ensure your peace of mind.

Trusted & Experienced

With years of experience and hundreds of reviews, the feedback speaks for itself.

Fixing Buckles Can Be Tricky

In a corporate environment, you do not want to try and fix the buckles in your worn-down carpets yourself. Even if you properly re-stretch the carpets, the creases will remain visible. The best course of action is to professionally clean and take care of your commercial carpets regularly and avoid buckling altogether.

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