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Commercial Cleaning: Six Tips on How to Clean Sound Stages

Cleaning sound stages can be tedious when you don’t understand what it entails. The cleaning process can be time-consuming and challenging to manage. When not done right, you might even end up damaging some of the sound stage components.

Sound stages are essential for collaborative media efforts, and a clean one is not only appealing, but it’s hygienic and goes a long way in prolonging your equipment’s life. Here are tips that will help make the process more effective even when you hire a commercial cleaning service.

Go for an Experienced Commercial Cleaning Service Provider

A professional understands the intricacies and has the proper equipment to handle cleaning operations efficiently. Cleaning a studio requires knowledge, skill, and experience. Experts understand they have to protect audio and video systems when using any cleaning chemicals, regardless of effectiveness. T

o know whether a provider has the necessary experience, find out the following:

· Do they understand ‘what is a sound stage’?
· Have they cleaned sound stages before?
· What’s their reputation?
· What are the cleaning methods they use?
· Is the company registered and insured?
· How long has it offered cleaning services?

Understand That You Might Have to Carry Out the Cleaning Exercise in Stages

Because you have different equipment on the sound stage, a general cleaning method may not apply. For instance, some chemicals might be too harsh for some surfaces; others may not be effective, and some items may only require dry cleaning. Analyze the studio and plan the cleaning exercise in stages. You’ll realize:

· There are tiles and carpeted floors that need unique cleaning methods
· Some equipment should never come into contact with water
· Walls made from various materials and paints require expert cleaning
· Some items and surfaces require daily cleaning

Dust, pet dander, stains, food debris, and spills are common issues most sound stage owners face. The problems can cause:

· Health issues such as sneezing, allergic attacks, and headaches
· Pest infestations
· Appliances breaking down
· Replacing items frequently
· It’s not an appealing place to work in
· Not meeting the set industry cleanliness and hygiene standards

Business aside, you want a clean, sound stage for yourself and your employees. Below are some ways to clean a sound stage so that you can use it comfortably:


Vacuuming is an excellent exercise as it gets rid of debris. Vacuum the different surfaces, starting with the least used to the dirtiest. Rugs and floors tend to have the most dust and fine particles built up. Do not forget to check hard-to-reach areas like air vents and under heavy equipment.

Deep Cleaning

After removing debris and loose dirt, the next step is to deal with stubborn stains, grease, ink, and sticky residue. There are two methods of doing this:

A. An Acid-Based Cleanser with A Degreaser

Here’s how to do it.

Pour the solution on hard surfaces and let it sit for several minutes until bubbly (effervescent). For certain areas that are unreachable, you can use a spray bottle, preferably filled with a mixture of the cleanser and distilled water, so that you can thoroughly scrub the surface with a sponge and sponge mop. Rinse everything off completely using clear water. Excess chemicals may damage items.

Use a sponge mop and scrub the surface from top to bottom before rinsing your mop under the tap. Give fabric and upholstered seats extra care. Afterward, wipe down with a dry cloth.

B. Water and Detergent-Based Cleansers Sparingly

Water and detergent-based cleansers are ideal for less stubborn stains, dirt, and marks on surfaces. Here is a step-by-step guide even when it’s a sound stage rental.

Use a brush or paint roller and apply cleaner sparingly to the surface in circular motions. Fiber optic cables, grills, ports, and other parts might require a dampened cloth instead to make sure that you don’t collect excess debris along the way.

Remember that detergents work well with surfaces such as fiberglass, which have some flexible properties that make it easy for brushes to work out dirt. When possible, though, avoid wiping too hard (applying mild pressure should do just fine) while pushing fluid around the area with circular movements. Avoid wetting surfaces or items prone to water damage.

Wipe dry and polish. Dry with a towel and wipe off excess fluid, dirt, and debris before polishing it dry. For fiberglass grills, fiber optic cables, or recessed wood cabinets, use a medium-grade brush to brighten up the surfaces

A sound stages Los Angeles cleaning expert can perform these tasks effortlessly. However, know what to do to retain a clean and attractive look.

You’ll understand what needs to be done and gauge a provider’s competence. However, you can request the following services even from a Hollywood sound stage cleaning expert.

Daily Cleaning Services

Just like any other room, the sound stage requires daily cleaning. The exercise involves dusting, vacuuming, and removing any stains on surfaces. You can hire a service provider to offer the daily cleaning services ensuring the premise is always on point.

Weekly, Monthly, or Planned Sound Stages Cleaning Services

Planned cleaning service is a deep cleaning of the entire space and equipment. As you schedule these services, also think about:

Disinfecting the Space and Frequently Used Equipment

Germs can accumulate on the sound stage, and in the Covid era, this is a significant concern. Disinfecting surfaces is as vital as maintaining cleanliness. Have a daily and periodic deep disinfecting schedule that takes care of all the surfaces. However, every day, make sure to disinfect frequently used items, doorknobs, workstations, etc., to avoid germs build-up.

As you carry out the process, sensitize everyone using the studio to disinfect instruments or devices after use. The exercise prevents the spread of germs, especially the Covid-19 virus.

Would You Like to Learn How to Effectively Clean Your Studio?

To learn how to clean studio stages or hire a competent commercial cleaning service provider, talk to BluWolf Janitorial. We’re a Los Angeles cleaning services provider willing to work with you to not only maintain a clean studio but also to prevent the spread of germs and Covid 19.

Talk to us about your cleaning needs and concerns, and we’ll craft a schedule that meets your demands.