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Office Carpet Cleaning: How to Make Sure Your Office Stays Clean

Did you know that carpets can have more bacteria than a toilet seat if they are not cleaned regularly? This is when office carpet cleaning becomes an absolute necessity because of daily foot traffic.

If you have many employees that share the same space all day long, you should always ensure that they are not breathing in all the germs.

Bacteria that lives deep in your carpets is dangerous. Hiring reputable office carpet cleaning services will be an excellent investment as a business owner.

This is because carpets cover a large portion of the office. They need constant maintenance that can be expensive if you leave all the bacteria unattended for a long time.

Here is everything you need to know about commercial office carpet cleaning and why this is essential. These will help provide a healthy and productive work environment for your staff.

Choosing Carpets

Before tapping into office carpet cleaning, think about the type of carpets you choose for the office. For instance, the color of your carpets matters. White or light-colored carpets can emphasize dirt more.

Therefore, these will require more maintenance and care. You may need to hire a regular office cleaning service if you enjoy the professional look of white carpets. Otherwise, you should opt for darker colors while placing the white carpets in areas with less daily traffic.

High-traffic areas in your office, like staff break rooms, entrances, and exits, will do better with darker carpet shades. Then you may not notice a coffee stain as much if someone spilled their hot beverage on a black carpet.

Remember that this is an excellent way to buy yourself some time to hire professional commercial cleaning services. You must not assume that darker shades do not need to be cleaned because people’s shoes carry a lot of germs.

Spot Cleaning and Vacuuming

The best way to ensure your office stays clean is by vacuuming the carpet as often as possible. This will keep it clean and free from dust and allergens. Your staff will be grateful and more productive because carpets harbor a lot of crumbs, sweat, and dirt that can cause illness.

The last thing you need is more people from your workplace claiming sick days because of dirty carpets in the office. The right office carpet cleaning company can effortlessly vacuum every inch of your carpets at least once a week.

This way, you can save time and money instead of dealing with the problem on your own. Since your other staff members are busy with their own jobs, they may not pay attention to spot cleaning and checking vacuum filters.

Doing this reduces the amount of dust and dirt that negatively affects employee health.

Tackle Dirty Shoes

People’s shoes would carry the most dirt into the workplace, especially if they had to trek through snow, rain, mud, or slush to get to work on time. It can also be annoying if you have recently gotten your carpet cleaned professionally, but someone brings traces of mud and dog feces inside.

This is one of the most significant problems for business owners. You can ask guests to remove their shoes when they enter your home, but this is not professional for a work environment. To maintain brand image, employees must dress sophisticatedly.

If you want to avoid getting your carpets cleaned daily, it is best to place some mats at every entrance or exit point. This way, people can wipe their shoes clean before entering their workspace.

If you want to go an extra step, you can also place signs around the office reminding people to wipe their shoes clean on the mats before entering. This will come in handy when it is raining outside, and everyone suddenly shows up with wet shoes.

With these simple tweaks around the office, you can reduce your cleaning bill while protecting everyone’s health.

Check Air Filters

For the best office cleaning, you must always check your air filters. Air filters are essential to extract allergens and dust particles from the air that everybody breathes. If you do not wipe and clean your air filters regularly, all the dust particles will end up settling on your carpets.

Suddenly that gorgeous white rug will look grey in no time, and this can give everyone a poor impression of your office. Remember to clean and change all your air filters approximately every 3 months. This will ensure that your employees enjoy the fresh air with fewer allergens.

Act Quickly

It is no secret that neglecting your local office carpet cleaning can lead to bigger problems. There is no point in being overly strict with employees because accidents always happen when working under pressure.

As an employer, it is your responsibility to look after every employee by ensuring a clean work environment. This will also motivate your employees to stay longer in the office if they feel that it is a comfortable and safe space.

Always keep some cleaning products on the side to tend to a spill. If someone has dropped some crumbs from their sandwich, you can easily vacuum that spot. This will save you time instead of constantly cleaning the entire office.

The more efficiently you tackle any messes, the more effectively you will keep your office clean for everyone to feel motivated.

Then you should investigate hiring a professional office carpet cleaning company. They can do a thorough sweep since some dirt will always be left behind no matter how well you clean every carpeted area yourself.

Start Office Carpet Cleaning Today

Now that you know why it is necessary to do office carpet cleaning as regularly as possible, you should consider hiring a reputable company to take the load off your shoulders.

Your employees may be too busy to pay attention to where they are spilling coffee or how the carpet looks. A commercial office carpet cleaning service can quickly come in and maintain all your carpets.

Then you will never have to deal with excess dust and allergens. Give us a call today, and we can provide the most enhanced office cleaning services that will make all your employees and customers happy.