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How Can Hiring Office Cleaners Boost Productivity?

The average American spends one-third of their life at work. It makes sense, then, to want to spend this time in an environment that inspires you and improves your quality of life. 

While fair management protocols, friendly and hardworking coworkers, and a good work-life balance are important for optimal productivity and motivation, a comfortable and inviting workplace can also have a significant effect on office productivity. But without professional cleaners to keep your workplace clean, even the most comfortable and efficient offices can fail their workers and miss the mark when it comes to increasing productivity. 

Want to know how can hiring office cleaners boost productivity? Let’s take a look!

Maintain a Clean Working Environment

A clean office is a productive office. But the opposite is also true. Attempting to work at your best when surrounded by stains, grime, and bad odors can be near impossible. Whether workers end up taking time out to clean or find it hard to concentrate in a dirty office, their productivity will suffer. Feeling forced to work somewhere that fails to provide them with the cleanliness and comfort they need is not a recipe for a happy worker.

Beyond the obvious distraction of a dirty working environment, workers may start to dread coming to work. They may even see a decline in their mental health and wellbeing. Especially if the grime that surrounds them worsens their anxiety, OCD, or depression.

But, you can help avoid all that by hiring professional cleaners to keep your workplace looking and smelling good. Workers won’t then feel the need to stop what they’re doing to clean. But above all, they’ll appreciate coming to a clean office that supports their productivity goals.

No Disruptions to Your Business

If your office doesn’t operate on a 9 to 5 schedule, a flexible cleaning service is a must. After all, you need professional cleaners who can work around your office’s most productive times without disrupting business. 

For example, you want to be sure that industrial carpet cleaning machines won’t be running during office hours. Or that the office cleaner won’t need workers to step away from their desks when they’re in the middle of an important task. This focus on flexibility and availability ensures that you and your workers can enjoy the benefits of a clean office without worrying about the potential disruptions that the cleaning process can cause. 

Keep Break Rooms and Communal Areas Clean

Research shows that taking regular breaks helps boost mood, concentration, and productivity. This is why many employers now realize the importance of providing workers with a break room.

This separate physical space allows workers to decompress and disengage. But they need a clean and comfortable space to be able to do this. Your workers will hardly go back to their desks feeling refreshed and energized if their break room is a mess.

As such, professional cleaners also help boost productivity by keeping office break areas clean. Having a clean place to eat lunch and relax in makes it a lot easier for workers to be more productive when they return to their desks.

Ensure Optimal Standards of Health and Safety

A clean and tidy working environment helps improve the mental and physical health of your employees by providing them with a comfortable place to work. But professional cleaners also know just how dirty some of the grimiest places in the office can get – such as telephones, elevator buttons, and refrigerator handles – and how important it is to sanitize them. 

One of the biggest drains on office productivity is employee absence. But, the irony is, workers often catch viruses from their colleagues. By reducing the possibility of workers passing germs, bacteria, and illnesses around, office cleaners can have a direct impact on office productivity. This extra level of cleaning ensures that your office is more hygienic, meaning less chance of spreading illnesses and infections such as flu and gastroenteritis.  

Professional cleaners also help prevent accidents such as slips and falls by cleaning up spills fast and ensuring that all surfaces are clean and free from debris. This can also help avoid staff absence due to accidents and injuries incurred at work, increasing productivity in the long term. 

Reduce Employee Cleaning Burden and Restore Office Harmony

If a workplace doesn’t have a regular office cleaner, it’s often left up to the workers to organize themselves and share the cleaning load. But all too often, the same people have to take on more of the cleaning burden.

This can cause resentment and tension in the office, reducing office harmony and damaging productivity in the process. What’s more, the people who end up doing more of the cleaning also have less time to spend on their own work tasks. This then has an even more direct impact on office productivity. 

Hiring professional cleaners to help maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of an office reduces this burden. With a regular office cleaner, no worker will have to do much more than wash up their coffee mug or clean up the occasional spill. As a result, you won’t see any kind of resentment building up about uneven cleaning loads. And, everyone will have time to focus on their own tasks and productivity. 

How Hiring Office Cleaners Can Boost Productivity

As these points show, hiring office cleaners can provide a huge productivity boost for any company. 

Sure, the main benefit of professional cleaners is a clean office. But, beyond that, their dedication to cleaning can also help your office to become a more harmonious, healthier, and happier place to work. 

Want to enjoy the benefits of a clean and more productive office? Be sure to contact us for a free quote today!