Day Porter Cleaning Services

What Are Day Porter Cleaning Services?

Though understated, day porter cleaners remain some of society’s most important workers.

They face and remove hazards that threaten everyone’s health, including their own. When nobody else has time to take down an event’s decorations, day porter cleaners tie up loose ends.

But what are day porter cleaners? How are they different from janitors? As a matter of fact, are the two even different at all?

If you’ve never heard of day porter cleaners before, learning about their benefits will keep you from forgetting.

So keep reading to refine your sanitation strategy. We’ll tell you what day porter cleaning services are, how they differ from janitors, and how they’ll boost the cleanliness of your building.

What is Day Porter Cleaning?

Day porter cleaning is a daytime cleaning service available throughout the working day. Though day porter cleaners don’t typically perform deep-cleaning maintenance, they do have all-day availability. This availability is crucial, as it allows commercial buildings to maintain their cleanliness within business hours.

Day Porter Cleaning Duties

Business hours get hectic and messy. Lunch breaks, big meetings, and events can all create a lot of mess. But although a corporate account isn’t going to abandon their duties to clean up for half an hour, a day porter cleaner is on the payroll to do so.

Their daily routine ensures that commercial buildings maintain well-rounded cleanliness throughout the day. Such steps in their daily routine include:

  • Vacuuming, mopping, and polishing floors
  • Cleaning litter and stray garbage
  • Cleaning before and after events
  • Inspections + cleaning of shared areas
  • Cleaning of windows and glass doors
  • Responding to cleaning maintenance calls

These tasks are important for numerous reasons, with some of these reasons being profit-related. With a day porter cleaner or two, or three, or several more, your business will run well in more ways than one.

Benefits of Day Porter Cleaning

Without day porter cleaners, buildings would look fresh in the morning but messy by 2 PM. Even worse, what if there was a big spill in the main hallway? What if the building is hosting a series of events that produce a lot of waste?

If these scenarios concern you, round out your building maintenance plan with a day porter cleaning team. Doing so will produce many benefits, some of which we will list below.

Customer Satisfaction

First impressions are important for business, and some customers aren’t patient enough to wait for a second one. So if you want to impress customers from the get-go, maintaining a clean facility will do just that.

Health & Safety Maintenance

Removing pollutants and messes isn’t only good for people’s peace of mind. It’s also essential for preventing disease, removing tripping hazards, and reducing allergens and other irritating debris. By using day porter cleaning services, your building’s sanitation levels will keep them healthy and happy.


You don’t need a huge commercial skyscraper to be ideal for day porter cleaning. If you need help maintaining your building so you can run your business, you need day porter cleaning services. When speaking to your service provider, you can list exactly what you need without committing to tasks that aren’t necessary for your business.

Uninterrupted Workflow

A mess in the main conference room can put an entire corporate team behind schedule. During tight projects, every minute matters, and dealing with bags of foam cups and wrappers isn’t ideal for workplace efficiency.

It’s also not viable to ask office workers to clean while they work. Not only will they do a sloppier job of it, but they’ll also get behind on the work they’re actually experts in.

Day Porter Cleaning Vs. Janitorial Services

You might be wondering if you can substitute day porter cleaning for janitorial services. But although they perform similar services, they don’t offer the same benefits.

After reading these comparisons, you’ll realize you don’t need to choose between the two. In fact, it’s smart to use both in order to build a great, comprehensive cleaning plan.


As their title indicates, day porter cleaners clean during daytime business hours. On the other hand, janitors carry out their duties at night.

By cleaning in the daytime, day porter cleaners can clean soon after a mess occurs. But janitors clean after business hours to avoid the type of foot traffic that’d actually interrupt their work.

Cleaning Depth

Day porter cleaners usually clean surfaces, meaning that their tasks don’t cover deep cleaning. They do quick jobs that allow them to swiftly respond to the next pressing maintenance call.

But janitors are responsible for deep cleaning any building area that needs it. That’s also why they need low foot traffic, as their tasks tend to be more intensive.

Areas Covered

Instead of cleaning the whole building, day porter cleaners usually only cover shared common areas. But janitors cover the entire building, deep cleaning and treating any area that needs it, as long as they’re authorized.

Boost Building Hygiene With Day Porter Cleaning Services

Sanitation is an overlooked element of business, which is why day porter cleaning services are too. But no matter your industry, maintaining a clean facility matters. For the sake of health, safety, and profit, using day porter cleaning is actually a great business practice.

That’s why Bluwolf Janitorial has dedicated its business to maintenance since 1959. We’ve been operating for more than 60 years, and also provide service that speaks to our status as industry veterans. So if you’re interested in the best day porter cleaning services, contact us today — let us help you perfect your maintenance plan.