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How to Enhance Your Business’s Curb Appeal

Did you know that improving your property’s curb appeal can increase its value by close to 7%? That’s great news if you own a commercial building that you plan on selling. But there’s so much more that comes with having the perfect curb appeal aside from improving a property’s value.

Workers tend to be extra productive and motivated when they work in a clean environment. The first thing these workers see when they arrive for work is the building exterior. So it’s prudent to invest in improving the curb appeal if you’d like to get the best out of them.

But how do you go about with the process? Here’s a simple guide that you can rely on for the best results.

1. Upgrade the Lighting Fixtures

First impressions are integral to the success of most businesses. Prospects will turn into loyal clients if they have a positive perception of your operations the first time they see it. Potential recruits would want to work with you only if your business has an aura of productive space.

Upgrade your business’s lighting fixtures so that it gives that welcoming and warm ambiance. Go for bright lighting fixtures that ease navigation for your clients during the night. Make sure these bulbs have a warm tone as it will help counterbalance the harshness that arises out of brightness.

2. Painting: A Straight Forward Curb Appeal Solution

A business with old and worn-out paintings smells of abandonment. Even the most desperate client wouldn’t want to do business with you if you domicile your operations in such an environment. The lackluster look of these buildings also affects the morale of your staff; they’ll begin to feel like they are entrapped in a business that lacks progress.

Improve the visual appeal of your business by going for a new paint job. Your main focus should be the common areas like the exterior, the lobbies, and other areas that clients frequent. This doesn’t mean you should ignore other spaces completely; cover the whole area if you have the budget!

In choosing the paint, consider what the paintwork will communicate to the clients. If, for example, you deal in antiques, it would be wise to go for the more adventurous painting techniques. Choose the paints that give your property a sleek modern look if you want to play it safe.

3. Invest in Furnishings

Adding extra furnishings to your storefront has a powerful effect. It makes prospects feel welcomes instantly to your business; it makes your business look approachable to hesitant clients. Besides, these furnishings compliment the painting and lighting job by adding charm and style to your property.

The right furnishing will prompt people to take pictures in front of your business. Your business will end up on various social media platforms, thanks to these people. This is a win-win for you and these people; they’ll provide free promotional services even if they don’t shop from you immediately.

4. Engage a Commercial Cleaning Company

Cleaning your space regularly can seem like a mundane task. However, ignore it at your peril. Clients will lose their interest in your services steadily when they begin to notice that the store is becoming untidy.

Why should they trust your services if you aren’t in a position to clean your property? Yet it can be difficult to clean the store on your own because of too much work, especially if you are a small business with limited staff members.

The trick would be to outsource the cleaning function to a commercial cleaning company. For a small fee, you’ll have every inch of the business space sparkling. Outsourcing cleaning services puts you in a prime position to focus on your core competencies.

5. Include Planters to Your Surrounding

Including planters in the surrounding is one of the most efficient ways of dressing up your business’s property. If you do it correctly, planters will make your business tower over the competitors.

Having planters around your business communicates subliminally that you are eco-friendly, something that’s commendable during these times of devastating consequences of climate change.

Arrange the plants in varying heights, high and low. This will give the illusion of height and dimension that’s excellent for boosting the curb appeal of your business. You could also include your logo or mission in some of the plants for an extra effect.

6. Refinish the Driveway

Driveways or walkways accommodate a significant amount of traffic. They are therefore susceptible to faster wear and tear. If you ignore them, they’ll get damaged quickly, leaving your business with an unappealing look.

Approach a hard scraper; they’ll assist you in improving the condition of the driveway. You could add illumination by installing brick edging to the driveway. Power washing is a cost-effective method of improving curb appeal on the driveway if you are on a budget.

7. Landscaping

You’ve probably seen a lot of DIY landscaping videos floating around the internet. Most of them have excellent results at the end of it all. Why don’t you try applying the same to your business to enhance its appeal?

However, it’s not advisable to perform the landscaping yourself unless you are a professional. A professional landscaper has all the expertise to perform their magic on your lawn. You simply won’t match what they’ll do for you because of the years landscapers have spent horning their craft.

Besides, you want to spend most of your time focusing on activities that have a direct impact on your bottom line.

Improve Your Brand Image

Appearance is a significant factor in the business world. A client will choose you over your competitor just because your store is more visually appealing. You can then retain and enhance this loyalty by providing quality services that match your business’s outlook.

Having the best curb appeal doesn’t come naturally. You have to actively ensure that you implement strategies to enhance it. And there is a wide range of these strategies, as you can see above.

Deploy all of the strategies to increase your chances of succeeding. Get in touch with us for the next janitorial appointment that’ll get you ahead.