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Essential Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Janitorial Service

There are now over 1,081,000 businesses in the janitorial services industry. Before hiring janitorial cleaning services, it helps to have a plan. Otherwise, you could hire a team that lacks the experience you need.

Here are eight questions to ask before hiring a commercial janitorial service. With these tips, you can feel confident in your final choice.

You can narrow down 1,081,000 businesses to the one commercial janitorial team you need. They’ll ensure your commercial property is squeaky clean.

Start searching for “the best janitorial services near me” by asking these questions today.

1. How Long Have You Worked in the Industry?

Remember, you’ll want to find an experienced team. As you search for janitorial cleaning services, focus on finding an established business. Ask each company how long they’ve operated in the area.

An established business has likely earned the respect of other commercial clients in the area. It’s likely they’ve worked out the kinks in their operations, too. An experienced team is more likely to work smoothly as a team.

A new business, on the other hand, might still have a few operational kinks they need to work out. There’s a chance they’ll cut corners to save money while searching for clients, too. Instead, you’ll have peace of mind choosing an established business.

You can leverage their years of hands-on experience. Their expertise will ensure your commercial property is spotless, too.

They’ll understand the most efficient way to clean your property. They can save you valuable time and stress in the long run.

As you learn more about each business, consider if they have any:

  • Affiliations with professional organizations
  • Accreditations
  • Awards for their services

Try to find a successful, established business before hiring a janitorial service.

2. Are You Licensed and Insured?

Once you find an established business, look into their paperwork. First, make sure the company is licensed to operate in the area. Consider asking about their insurance and worker’s compensation coverage, too.

What happens if someone damages your property while offering their janitorial services? What if someone is injured while working on your property?

Finding an insured business will give you peace of mind if there’s an incident. The company and its employees won’t hold you liable. Instead, their insurance will handle the situation for you.

Otherwise, you might have to pay for someone’s medical bills out of pocket.

3. Can You Provide References and Reviews?

Before choosing between janitorial cleaning services, ask each business for references and reviews. Try to speak with at least three of their commercial clients. Then, ask each client about their experience.

For example, you can ask:

  • Did the team arrive on time
  • Were they professional and knowledgeable
  • Were you satisfied with the services you received
  • Did they bring their own supplies
  • Did you experience any problems
  • What services did you request

Speaking with the company’s recent clients can help you make a more informed decision. You can learn about each business from someone who was once in your shoes.

Head online, too. Check the company’s Better Business Bureau and Google My Business listings. Make sure they don’t have any major complaints filed against them.

Instead, choose a janitorial company with a strong professional reputation. They’ll strive to maintain that reputation by offering the best possible services.

4. What Services Do You Offer?

As you start narrowing down your options, look at the services each company offers. You’ll want to make sure their services match your needs.

For example, you might need:

  • Day porter cleaning
  • Pressure cleaning
  • Carpet steam cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • COVID-19 disinfection

Make a list of the services you need before starting your search. Consider asking about full-service building maintenance, too. Then, ask how often the team can arrive to offer their services.

Choose a team that will suit your needs, schedule, and budget.

5. Do You Hire Employees or Contractors?

Before hiring commercial janitorial services, ask each company about their staff. You’ll want to know who will arrive to clean your building beforehand.

If the company hires contractors, ask the company if they run background checks. Consider asking about whether or not they train their team, too.

You’ll want to make sure a trained, experienced team will arrive to clean your business. Otherwise, they might cut corners.

6. What Supplies Do You Use?

Consider asking about the supplies each company uses as well. The tools they use could make all the difference. For example, if they’re using an all-purpose cleaner, it could damage certain surfaces.

About 50 million Americans suffer from allergies, too. Ask the company if they use cleaning products that might trigger someone’s allergies. If your employees are sneezing and sniffling through work, their productivity could plummet.

You might notice an increase in sick days, too.

Instead, make sure the company will use high-quality tools and products. For example, are you interested in carpet cleaning? Ask if they use a HEPA vacuum.

These vacuums can collect the smallest particles of dust and dander, ensuring a deeper clean.

7. Do You Offer a Guarantee?

You should also ask each janitorial service company if they offer a guarantee.

What happens if you’re not satisfied with the services you received? Will the team return to finish the job? If they’re not capable of meeting your expectations, scratch them off your list.

Their guarantee should indicate a timeframe. Some companies will offer a free cleaning service in the future to compensate as well.

If they don’t offer a guarantee, scratch that company off your list. They might not have their clients’ best interests in mind.

8. How Much Will It Cost?

Gather quotes from at least three janitorial cleaning companies on your list. Then, compare your options.

Don’t make the choice based on price alone. Instead, review your notes. Make sure you’re choosing an experienced, qualified team.

Hiring a Professional Janitorial Service: 8 Essential Questions to Ask First

You don’t have to hire the first janitorial service you find online. Instead, ask these eight questions to narrow down your options. With these tips, you can feel confident in your final choice.

Choosing the right janitorial services will ensure your commercial space is spotless.

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