Commercial floor cleaning

Commercial Floor Cleaning in LA, 5 Things You Need To Know

Having a clean environment is great for the mental health, productivity, and profitability of the employers in your business. Having a clean workspace also improves concentration and reduces stress levels, according to the mental health organization Painted Brain.

Show customers and workers you care by maintaining cleanliness within your organization. It is a prime way to show you appreciate them without saying a word.

Knowing you have the right commercial floor cleaning company to come to your rescue is important. This is especially true when you have more foot traffic than normal.  

Cleanliness Counts  

Maintaining cleanliness is one of the first steps to success for your business. A clean environment is a healthy environment and a way to make your customers and workers maintain trust.

Cleanliness is crucial to keeping your business running. This is true regardless of if you are hosting a large corporate party or need a standard cleaning in your building.  

To learn more about what to expect from your janitorial services, here are five key tips to get you started.     

1. Your Floors Shouldn’t Just Be Cleaned Daily 

Daily floor cleanings are essential for regular maintenance. You should be looking out for a company that provides more than the minimum cleaning service. Your floors should be cleaned monthly, quarterly, and yearly in different ways to uphold their luster and shine. 

Monthly Cleanings 

Deep cleaning floors monthly allows all those deep-set stains, bacteria, and dust to be removed. Any lingering odors are knocked out with a superior monthly cleaning service. You will have peace of mind your space is looking immaculate every 30 days.  

Quarterly Cleanings 

A quarterly floor cleaning enhances the overall quality of your flooring. Tile and grout always have the potential to lose their original color after massive foot traffic. A quarterly cleaning allows for these issues to disappear.

Polishing hardwood flooring is also great to handle quarterly to give back the original shine.

Yearly Cleanings

Yearly cleanings revitalize your space and make it look new again. During a yearly cleaning, it is all about getting down into the cracks and fibers to bring the original character of your floors back to life. 

Your flooring will have the protection it needs to last for another 365 days. Waxing the tile floor, sealing the tile and grout, and using a carpet cleaner guarantees this.

2. Cleaning Products Matter  

Repetitive cleaning with harsh products will break down and potentially warp, peel, and wear down flooring. Going green with your cleaning products and purchasing the highest quality is the key to protecting your flooring.     

Hypoallergenic products are also a great option in commercial spaces. The company you hire should have a variety of cleaning products that will fit every need. All your concerns will be put to rest when you go with an environmentally friendly cleaner for your commercial space. 

Environmentally friendly products have come to the forefront of the market for good reason. To read more about natural floor cleaners, visit this Spruce article that discusses 8 different types

3. Great Communication Really Is Key    

Most of your cleaning will be done during off-hours, so you want to know you have a commercial floor cleaning company you can trust. If your cleaning company isn’t communicating with you regularly, that is an issue you need to know you can address. 

Before the floor cleaning company ever steps foot on your flooring, you should expect a business meeting so that expectations will be set. This starting point will foster an open line where you can go with concerns or any additional services you might want in the future. 

Weekly phone calls to update you on the process, reports you can go back and check during on-hours, and quarterly business meetings are the norm when dealing with a quality floor cleaning company. 

Frequent communication from your cleaning team is a valuable aspect you should never overlook.    

4. Highly Trained Workers Make a True Difference  

The commercial cleaning company you hire should know all of the proper cleaning techniques in the industry. Additionally, they should know how to use each machine correctly. They will properly operate automatic floor scrubbers and rotary machines that wax your flooring.

In addition, a standard of care that includes being up-to-date on current sanitization practices is crucial when you are hiring a cleaning company. Having the correct practices in place is a great precaution that protects everyone involved. 

You should also count on your hired company to make suggestions and point out any essential changes that will enhance your commercial space. Having highly trained workers will foster a great relationship and create an overall business partnership you will both respect. 

5. Flexibility in Scheduling is Essential

While Los Angeles is one of the largest populated cities, you can still tackle all the foot traffic with a floor cleaning service that is professional and functional. Flexibility in scheduling allows you to schedule a cleaning whenever it is necessary. 

A floor cleaning company understands that accidents happen on and off the clock. They will always be available to complete the needed tasks promptly. 

Commercial Floor Cleaning That Brings Back The Shine 

Whether your office is filled with carpets, you have beautiful hardwood flooring in your lobby, or tile in the bathroom—the standard of professionalism shown by the experts at Bluwolf Janitorial is one you will love. 

Hiring the right commercial floor cleaning company is easy when you hire the professionals at Bluewolf Janitorial. Your floors will be spotless, and they will provide the correct floor care every time they walk in.