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A Brighter View: The Benefits of Commercial Window Cleaning

What do clean windows have to do with the way your business runs?

Some business owners underestimate the impact clean windows have on a business’s success. But they actually make a huge difference to the way customers view your business.

If you are dedicated to your windows’ maintenance, you have to hire professionals to do so. It’s a matter of safety, efficiency, and the overall quality of the job.

However, you might still be fuzzy on the details of the benefits of commercial window washing.

In that case, keep reading! We’ll cover the benefits of commercial window cleaning, giving you even more motivation to employ this crucial service.

Great First Impression

Whether potential customers swing by out of curiosity or through a recommendation, you want to create a great first impression. Sure, clean office windows may seem trivial when it comes to business reputation. But it could make or break your business’s ability to keep them around long enough to experience your products and services.

If they notice your dirty windows, they might wonder about what the lack of business upkeep indicates about the quality of your business’s products and services. That might cause some of them to exit as soon as they enter.

Even if they do use your products and services, they might not come back. This is especially true if you’re in an industry with many direct competitors. You want your business to stand out, but not for the wrong reasons.

First impressions are crucial for attracting and maintaining a loyal clientele. After all, loyal customers make up 80% of your revenue, even if they only consist of 20% of your customer base.

It’s important to maintain your windows with diligence. Dirt and debris can cake up enough to discolor your windows, causing more damage than if you had just cleaned your windows in the first place. Grime can also weaken the glass on your windows, which can render it susceptible to breaking.

Workplace Productivity

If you’re trying to save time, don’t do it by designating window cleaning duties for your employees. Unless they’ve had former training in commercial window cleaning, you’ll actually be wasting time instead.

This applies especially to employees whose roles have nothing to do with office maintenance. Getting your cashier to wash your windows will take them away from the register. Your customers will view this as inattentiveness and think twice about coming back, especially if they’re in a hurry.

Not only that, but commercial window cleaning is nothing like at-home cleaning. Using some Windex and a washcloth won’t do the job. And even if it does, it will take a lot longer.

Ineffective window cleaning jobs leave streaks and stains. It might even cause more streaks than what you started with! To improve productivity and maintain customer satisfaction, hire professionals for commercial window cleaning.


Safety during window cleaning is one of the key reasons to opt for professional services. If you’ve got a multi-level job to handle, this is even truer.

Commercial window cleaners are trained in safety regulations to ensure that window cleaning jobs are carried out effectively and safely. The drop from a high building level can result in serious injury. Juggling tools and the pressure of a good clean can be dangerous to those who are inexperienced.

In the case of injury or even death, you will be responsible as a business owner. So while you took “shortcuts” to try and save time and money, you waste both by incurring the very high risk of designating window cleaning jobs to novices.

Catch Early Signs of Disrepair

Professional window cleaners are not only good at cleaning windows. They’re also experts at recognizing what a good window is. So if there’s anything wrong with your windows, they’ll be able to notify you immediately.

These signs of disrepair may elude you as someone who hasn’t specialized in window quality. After all, you’re busy enough as a business owner. You don’t have time to read up on what makes a good window, especially nearly imperceptible aspects.

Even small cracks are dangerous, as they can easily web out to many dangerous shards. These shards can pierce anyone standing below or next to the window, resulting in serious injury or death.

Professional window cleaners may even be able to detect where windows need to be sealed, which affects whether a draft comes in. This can make a huge difference to your energy efficiency, which will positively reflect on your electricity bill.

Health Maintenance

Maintaining a hygienic business isn’t only for looks. It’s also about health and sustaining proper air quality. This has several implications for your business, including those involving the health department and workplace morale.

If you’ve turned on the AC to filter out air pollutants from the outside, your efforts could get thwarted if the pollutants are caked onto your windows. Poor air quality can threaten the health of your building’s occupants, especially those with respiratory conditions.

At the very least, your employees and customers will feel sluggish and worse for wear. Customers will not return to your business, especially if they have the option of going to another competing business with better air quality. Employees’ job performance will be impacted due to low energy and motivation levels.

The health department can also randomly swing by or get called in by a complaining customer or employee. If they determine that you have neglected your building’s hygiene, they’ll slap you with a big fine or even shut your business down until it’s adequately addressed.

Professional Window Cleaning — More Important Than You Might Think

From branding to overall hygiene, clean windows are more crucial for your business than you might initially think. Not only that, but hiring a professional to clean your windows is the key to reaping all the benefits of window cleaning.

At Bluwolf Janitorial, we understand what makes a stellar window cleaning strategy. That’s why we offer some of the best commercial window cleaning services in the industry. So if your business needs a bit more sparkle and shine, get a free estimate from us today!