Commercial window cleaning

5 Benefits of Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Having clean windows sounds like a basic adult phenomenon, but it can actually get pretty complicated.

In fact, windows are more complicated than the average layman tends to think.

That’s why it’s imperative that property owners hire a professional window cleaning service — doing so can mean the world to your finances, your health, and the environment.

Yes, that’s right. Despite hiring a professional cleaning service, you’re making a huge investment into many parts of your life, whether they’re directly window-related or not.

So keep reading to learn five benefits of commercial window cleaning services. Afterward, you’ll understand how a professional job can lead to better life quality.

1. Improved Energy Efficiency

Believe it or not, but the state of your windows has a direct impact on your energy bill. In fact, window-related heat gains and losses make up 25-30% of a home’s HVAC energy consumption. That’s right — that means a 25-30% markup that could’ve potentially saved you thousands otherwise.

But window cleaning professionals can help you attain those savings. After all, they do more than routine daily washes. They also know how to diagnose problems that threaten energy efficiency, such as:

  • Congested window channels
  • Weakened structures
  • Draft sources

During building maintenance, energy efficiency is key. From cracks in the caulking to unidentified drafts, windows are pretty susceptible to faulty insulation. But by hiring a professional cleaning company for regular maintenance, you can always ensure that your energy bills stay low.

2. Increased Window Lifespan

It’s much too easy to muck up your windows since they’re prone to environmental pollutants. In fact, it can feel like one day’s worth of work is too easily threatened. But as frustrating as this task can be, your windows’ longevity depends on it.

Hard water, debris, dirt, heavy rains, winds — all these spell disaster for your windows. They can erode away at the glass, leaving behind unsightly scratches. These scratches will then turn opaque, which can cause deeper cracks that ruin your windows.

With a commercial cleaning service, you can prevent your windows’ aging process from accelerating. It’s impossible to shield your windows away from all environmental agents, but it is possible to act with expertise when it happens.

While you could wash the windows yourself, a pro knows that a window’s health goes beyond its glass. So unless you’re clued in on that specific education, it’s better to leave the job to them.

3. Increased Property Value

Your home’s property value starts with its curb appeal. Curb appeal refers to onlookers’ first impression of your property — an impression meant to gauge attractiveness. While landscaping, fencing, and the structure of your home make a huge impact, so do the cleanliness of your windows.

Even if you didn’t care about beautifying your home before, you might want to start doing it now. Upgrading the way your home is presented has a huge impression on future homebuyers, who might be influenced by your windows to pay more or less.

Windows impacts lighting and frames the view outside, two things that matter a lot to prospective homebuyers’ first impressions. Clean windows gleam against the sunlight, demonstrating a crisp reflectiveness that spectators would appreciate. But dirty windows look foggy and spotted, and obviously so.

Hiring a professional cleaning service ensures that being too busy doesn’t threaten the results of your open house. If you’re interested in selling your home, start investing in the look of your windows now. Your property sale may depend on it.

4. Better Air Quality

Indoor air pollution can get bad, especially around allergy seasons like the spring and summer. Unfortunately, there are also two main ways that unhealthy windows can threaten respiratory health.

Those with preexisting respiratory conditions already need extra support, usually in the form of inhalers, extra doctor visits, etc. But they also need to take careful measures at home to ensure air pollutants don’t threaten their health.

Moisture, rain, and untreated wood can also all result in mold. This mold can result in airborne diseases that threaten the health of every resident in the building.

With a good commercial window cleaning company, they’ll be able to know what untreated wood looks like, preventing moisture issues from arising later on. They can also understand where the gaps and faults in your windows are since they’re thoroughly trained to look for them.

5. Consistently Great Results

Any sort of streakiness across your windows can provoke a lot of irritation. After all, shouldn’t basic window-cleaning be easy?

It can be, but there’s only so much that one person can do when they’ve got other tasks to run. For a working adult that’s got plenty of other errands to run, washing windows can seem like a trivial matter.

As we’ve covered so far, that’s not exactly true. In fact, windows can have a huge impact on homeowners’ health and finances. But when you’ve got other responsibilities to think about, it’s easy to push the subject aside.

That’s understandable, but that’s exactly why using the best commercial window cleaning service is necessary for busy homeowners. Not only will you enjoy a better view, but you’ll be confident knowing that your windows needs are fully covered.

Commercial Window Cleaning

By hiring a professional service, you’re not just hiring someone to clean your windows. You’re hiring someone that understands how clean windows factor into the bigger picture — a bigger picture that deals with health, perfection, and property value.

At Bluwolf Janitorial, we know about the surprising impact of a commercial window cleaning service. That’s why we offer complete window washing services that employ the best maintenance methods possible. If you like the sound of that, make an appointment with us today!