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The 5 Biggest Mistakes Commercial Cleaning Services Make

When it comes to the commercial cleaning business, impeccability is crucial.

That could be said for many industries, but it’s particularly important for commercial cleaning services.

Building hygiene is critical to workers’ health and business operations. Knowing this, potential clientele will double- and triple-check your services’ ability to meet industry standards.

There’s also the possibility that your service is exceptional but your brand visibility is abysmal — in which case, you’ve still got problems to solve!

So if you’d like to learn about the five biggest mistakes commercial cleaning services make, then keep reading. If we strike a nerve, then it’s time to switch up your business strategy.

1. Missing an Online Presence

It’s easy to forget about your website or social media presence when you’re running a business. Daily business operations can be hectic, and checking Twitter notifications and emails can seem very trivial.

But it’s time to start incorporating social media into your daily routine. Needless to say, the world’s become increasingly reliant on technology, so it makes sense that digital visibility almost equates to general brand visibility.

Instead of letting this fact overwhelm you, take advantage of it. Make sure you read up on SEO, produce regular content for your online audience, and attract traffic to your website. You might even want to create a consistent online presence that entertains your audience and makes you stand out even more!

If you want to establish yourself as the best commercial cleaning company, make sure people know you exist at all. Doing so can add years to your business’s lifespan.

2. Forgetting About Marketing Campaigns

You did not open your business to spend hours on flyers and online posters. Despite this, marketing is still a crucial asset to developing and growing your business.

There’s little reason not to do marketing campaigns and many more reasons why you should. After all, the IRS does allow tax deductions for small business advertising expenses. But more importantly, marketing campaigns are vital for brand recognition.

This brand recognition will bring you to the forefront amongst other commercial cleaning services. A proper digital marketing campaign can also bring your business to the first page of a Google search, which can lead future customers to your site. Even when it’s finished, a good marketing campaign has a great residual effect on promotion.

But even if you can not campaign at the moment, you might benefit from marketing materials in general. Business cards are great to leave with prospective business partners and clients who might want merch from your online store.

If it’s taxable, why not? Investing in your marketing strategy is a fantastic way to cement your brand’s presence.

3. Not Having Exceptional Talent

For a professional cleaning company, amazing service is key. After all, there are plenty of other commercial cleaning services out there. If someone asks, “Is there a commercial cleaning company near me?”, how do you make sure that the answer leads back to you?

Commercial buildings aren’t classrooms to test out learning curves. And while you might not need new workers to be perfect at first, you still need great potential.

Set yourself apart as a commercial cleaning service. Ideally, you would hire people that are already experts, but at least incorporate diligent training and high standards. They set a great precedent for your company, which will benefit from it through happy and loyal clientele.

4. Forgetting Technique

Sure, there’s probably no one else in the building as well-trained in commercial cleaning as you are. But that doesn’t mean that there’s any room for shortcuts and sloppiness.

Such as anything else, your professional cleaning service will develop over time. Whether that’s for better or for worse is up to your industriousness. Maintaining and improving on your technique will boost your marketability while stagnating and worsening will threaten your company’s operations.

Though shortcut techniques and tricks may offer short-term benefits, they will threaten your company’s reputation. This impact is much more powerful than a few dollars or minutes is. But by dedicating yourself to the utmost and always improving service, you can increase your brand reputation in a big way.

5. Cheaping Out

Even though it’s tempting to do so, don’t cheap out on products, staff, and other short-term financial shortcuts. Your clients will notice the difference and make plans to move onto different service providers.

Understaffing will lead to inefficient and imperfect service, as well as limited scheduling availability. This business practice can also overwork your employees, leading to high employee turnover and slapdash service.

Cheaper products and equipment meant for households do an inferior job. Instead, your business should be using industrial equipment and products that address heavier duty problems. If not, you might allow health hazards to worsen.

Focusing too much on momentary financial benefits will have long-term consequences on your company. Unfortunately, this is also one of many common mistakes business owners make and commonly leads to business failures.

Keep Your Commercial Cleaning Services Afloat

Commercial cleaning services are crucial for any corporate worker’s health, as they require workers to handle and remove harmful contaminants. That’s why other commercial buildings need your services, and why your services need to be stellar.

At Bluewolf Janitorial, we’ve been in the business for a long. We understand things that could only be understood through experience and know enough to be industry veterans. If you’d like to learn more, get in touch with us today — let’s talk about your business.