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5 Reasons to Hire Professional Cleaners to Clean Your Movie Set

Are you worried about the safety of your production crew if the movie set remains uncleaned? Do you fear that your movie set is contaminated and needs disinfecting right away? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about the top reasons to hire professional cleaners for your movie set.

Doing so can help you enjoy the cleanest set you’ve ever seen. Your entire studio will be cleaned from head to toe, thus protecting everyone from illness.

See below for an in-depth guide listing the top reasons that you should hire professional cleaners to clean your movie set right away.

1. Effective COVID-19 Disinfection

Imagine the horror of showing up on set one day and finding out that your lead actor or essential members of your production crew have caught COVID-19. Not only do you have to try and move on without them, but you also have to be conscientious of other people becoming exposed.

If those that recently caught COVID-19 have spent most of the previous few days in your movie studio then it’s hard not to feel somewhat responsible for the outbreak, even if you can’t control the outbreak of this unparalleled virus.

That said, there is something you can do to prevent further outbreaks in the future. Certain professional cleaners offer COVID-19 disinfection services, which can help you ensure that your staff is safe from any further risk inside the movie studio.

Here at Bluewolf Janitorial, we’ve created a thorough COVID-19 disinfection service that follows all of the CDC’s suggested procedures and guidelines. These are meant to sanitize, prevent an outbreak, and ensure safe use of the disinfecting chemicals themselves.

If you fear that the virus is loose on your movie set, then hire us immediately. We can help you eliminate the virus and get everyone back to working on your project in no time at all.

2. Consistent Cleaning From This Day Forward

Can you confidently say when the last time was that you had your movie set thoroughly cleaned? When was the last time that the entire movie studio was cleaned? If not, then you should take that as a sign; hire a trusted movie studio cleaning service right away.

In all the hustle and bustle of the modern-day movie set, it’s easy to lose track of time. Things get busy, and tasks like cleaning the area get put on the backburner.

We aren’t asking you to neglect all your movie set tasks and pick up a mop instead. Instead, we’re insinuating that you rid yourself of the cleaning duties altogether by hiring a professional cleaner.

Doing so can ensure you consistent cleaning from this point on. You can schedule a time every month or every other week for your professional cleaning crew to stop by. You can even schedule a time when the movie set is not in use, that way, it will be clean when you show up for work the next day.

Don’t neglect your movie studio’s cleaning needs any longer. Find a professional service to help you out.

3. Cost-Efficient Cleaning

Not too long ago, most movie sets (or any company, for that matter) would have an in-house cleaning staff to take care of all their movie studio cleaning needs… Then every gained access to a better option.

By hiring a professional cleaning service, you can outsource your cleaning needs and save a lot of money in the process.

Did you know that the average full-time employee costs their employer up to 1.4 times their annual salary? That means that a janitor who gets paid $30,000 a year costs their employer $42,000.

Meanwhile, a professional cleaning service costs far less than one in-house employee and gets you access to an entire team of experienced cleaners.

Not to mention that, by outsourcing to a professional cleaning service, you can gain access to the finest cleaning equipment and have an entire team that follows the CDC guidelines for disinfection. Now that is a return on your investment!

4. Cleaning and Disinfecting Everywhere

Understandably, you would mostly be worried about the cleanliness and safety of your movie set since that’s primarily where your entire staff will be.

that said, neglecting other areas of the studio can become just as much of a threat to your health, if not more so. You must prioritize cleaning and disinfecting areas such as lobbies, dressing rooms, eating areas, bathrooms, waiting for areas, queueing areas, and so on.

These areas have a lot of foot traffic for such a small space, so they need to be cleaned more frequently.

5. Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Gone are the days of worrying about the harmful chemicals in cleaning solutions and the toll they’re taking on the environment (and people) around you.

These days, reputable professional cleaning companies are prioritizing eco-friendly cleaning methods. That means putting a premium on sustainability and using environmentally-responsible cleaning solutions.

We take pride in our safe cleaning services. Be sure to ask us more about how we prioritize eco-friendly cleaning for your entire movie studio. We’ve found that you don’t need harsh products to create a thoroughly clean (and disinfected) area.

Hire Professional Cleaners to Clean Your Movie Set Today

Now that you have seen an in-depth guide on all of the top reasons you need to hire professional cleaners to clean your movie set, be sure to use this information to your advantage.

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